Western Entrance Technology, LLC (WET) was formed in 1999 to bridge the gap between the commercial door and hardware industry and the latest technologies of the security access market. We specialize in integrating mechanical hardware with low voltage electrical systems to create user friendly access control products and automatic door openings.

The compliance requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the need for advanced security and tracking in many businesses have increased the demand for specialized entries. Western Entrance Technology specifically designs each entrance based on our customers’ needs, budget and input. We work with existing openings or new applications.  Western Entrance has the technical expertise to install and program each stage of a project including interfacing or complete turn-key products.

“Opening Doors to the Future”

A building entrance is a reflection of the business.  By providing quality access control and professional looking doorways, employees and customers know the owners care.  Whether it be a card key/code security system or a push button handicap operator that needs a tune up or new installation, Western Entrance Technology is here to make openings aesthetically pleasing , safe and durable.  Move forward and call us today!